Low voltage at the plant for calcium carbonate fillers Calcit Gospić

Slovenian investor Calcit has chosen Gospić area as an ideal place to build a new factory for calcium carbonate fillers and Elektro-Čelik to produce low voltage plant substation.

The factory is equipped with dispensers, conveyor, flusher, separators and stone mill with 1.4 MW of power. Total production capacity is 100,000 tons per year.

Elektro-Čelik d.o.o. was performed the following procedures:

  • inside the transformer plant set a medium-switching block, with 1250A 10/20kV distribution bus, 1 supply field, 3 transformer fields, as well medium-voltage transformers 2,5MVA, 2,5MVA and 4,7MVA
  • with Siemens busbar trunking 4000A, we connected medium voltage transformers with low voltage cabinet
  • in his own electrical workshop in Eaton xEnergy distribution cabinets installed Moeller switchgear equipment, ensure the power supply on the 4000A breakers and the energy distribution spent 4000kg of copper busbars. IEC60439 standard has been applied in accordance with the TTA certificate
  • all the cabinets raised in substation, connected them with consumers, programmed all measuring devices and reactive power compensators, spent a trial run and commissioning
  • After the training of staff, is committed to the 150 pages of detailed project with the disposition of transformers, pedestals for cabinets and penetrations in walls for distribution bus and cables

In the end we can say that this low voltage substation comprising from: 2x600kVAr automatic compensation, 100kVAr compensation for medium voltage transformers, power supply for 74 various consumers within the factory, 12-pulse frequency inverter for power of 1.4 MW and associated fans.


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